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Twitter bot tutorial

Twitter is heavily becoming a source of traffic and with there extremely powerful api , it’s very easy to automate stuff via Twitter bots.

Today i am going to show you a tutorial for very simple but yet very powerful bot which if used effectively can drive great traffic on sites. These bots simply search twitter stream for predefined keywords and tweet target messages to the tweeters. These bots can be set via cron to read stream every few minutes and make responses in real time.

For newbies and starters all Twitter API documentation can be found here , From here we are going to use Search API methods and Status Update REST api method for sending predefined tweets to the users.
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Integrate twitter with your blog

Here is a nice and quick way to integrate twitter with your wordpress blog .

1. Download twitter-tools from http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/twitter-tools.1.1b1.zip

2. Extract it into wp-content/plugins/ folder and activate it from dashboard , After enabling it just activate features of twitter-tools from Options menu

( I have activated tweeting on my each blog post, That`s great. And all my daily tweets get digested and made into a new blog post each day, Awesome)

Let me know what changes you all are looking into it !

Update: Inegrating Movable type with twitter http://www.chopstixmedia.com/mt-twitter/