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Php Login System – Login Management and Login Control Tutorial

One of the most basic and most common question that i encounter via Php newbies is how to make a login system in PHP , The login, registration and authentication are very basic and yet very important tools that a php programmer should posses !

For this tutorial there are few prerequisites:-

1) You should be able to right a simple hello world program in php
2) You should know the basics of mysql, Creating tables and sql queries.

In following tutorial we will create 3 files:-

1) login_home.php
2) login_check.php
3) login_success.php

First of all we need to create a table users in mysql database !, This User table will contain all user login information and details.

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Getting Pagerank of Websites through PHP

Google is today one of the most important website in world wide web, Google search result has become one of the most important services for world wide web users.

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A full fledged SEO industry is running on the google pagerank algorithm decided by Google Inc

I have seen a lot of developers asking the method of getting google pageranks and baclinks with the help of php. Continue reading Getting Pagerank of Websites through PHP

Yav — Javascript Validation tool

I have been following cakephp framework for any new development that i do, But since now and then you come along some fixing work for old scripts.

I hate really fiddling with javascript for cross-browser issues everytime i use them, After starting through frameworks finally i got common sense of not re-inventing wheel again and again and again 😀

Firstmost thing that is needed anytime is a form validation tool which is usually a no-brainer for any javscript guy. But using a built framework won`t hurt.

Here comes Yav , A form validation tool . Quick and very effective . Most impressive was it`s inline error messages it`s a piece of cake , look more here http://yav.sourceforge.net/en/gettingstarted.html

Let me know if there are more like this out there.