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Php Sessions

The problem with the HTML is that it cannot retain the values of variables from one page to the next page. All the data values of the previous page are forgotten when the next page is reloaded. To solve this problem, PHP is used. PHP allows transferring data values from one page to the next page using Forms and Hyperlinks. This is easier if the users are few but chances of confusion of data values filled by two or more different users increase when they are visiting the same webpage at the same time. To solve this problem, session handling is done in PHP.

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Escape special character in mysql query

Mysql throw error when there are special characters in query !, The characters like “`” etc are always a nuisance in sql queries.

For this reason , it’s always a necessity to use mysql_real_escape_string() (www.php.net/mysql_real_escape_string) ! , On one hand it’s secure and make sure that the queries don’t die while executing.

The syntax that should be used for mysql_real_escape_string are :-


$string =  mysql_real_escape_string ($string);


Hope it helps !…..

BigDump — Mysql importer–Ideal for big wordpress blogs

As a wordpress consultant we come across many issues that require us to import or export large mysql database sets. And usually the clients don’t have ssh access.

Phpmyadmin is a great tool , But is a big fail when it comes to handle huge amount of mysql data. Usually ssh or some exporting tool is used for it.

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