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7 jQuery code snippets a programmer need daily

Usually programmers use a lot of JavaScript code snippets as functions regularly, These JavaScript functions are lengthy code snippets and are usually tough to understand and edit. Some of the most common functions used are form validation functions , Pagination functions etc.

The day since jQuery has been on the block , It has provided a nifty way of solving a lot of common problems for which we needed lengthy JavaScript functions. I am sharing with you guys top 20 jQuery plugins and code snippets that are pretty useful for daily coding routines.

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Yav — Javascript Validation tool

I have been following cakephp framework for any new development that i do, But since now and then you come along some fixing work for old scripts.

I hate really fiddling with javascript for cross-browser issues everytime i use them, After starting through frameworks finally i got common sense of not re-inventing wheel again and again and again 😀

Firstmost thing that is needed anytime is a form validation tool which is usually a no-brainer for any javscript guy. But using a built framework won`t hurt.

Here comes Yav , A form validation tool . Quick and very effective . Most impressive was it`s inline error messages it`s a piece of cake , look more here http://yav.sourceforge.net/en/gettingstarted.html

Let me know if there are more like this out there.