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Google Plus API

Google is rolling out API very soon for developers to take a sneak peak and develop applications. In the meantime developers can sign up at https://services.google.com/fb/forms/plusdevelopers/ to get a early access onto the Google plus API.

Eventually, google plus is playing a invite only for brands and developers too after a successful stunt with social networking users all around the world. Brands can sign up here http://goo.gl/zq95C to be the first to get listed as business on Google+.

Google Plus Circles

Update:- Google launched the google circle social network as Google plus. API is still awaited. Updates will be coming as the API gets launched.

Google is launching there new social networking service “Google Circles”, this is rumored to offer photo sharing, video sharing and updates. Which can be tightly linked to other social networks and circles. This news was broken by Read Write web today from #sxsw.

We wonder where buzz will fit into this and since this will be google product we are very excited to see what API details it will offer. We promise our readers to update with every bit of details, when there API announcement comes out.

Google chrome tips tricks and keyboard shortcuts

Chrome is all about speed and user friendliness , from the point chrome is released , it`s been a rage.

Here are some tricks and keyboard shortcuts that i found useful for chrome

1.  Control + Shift + N opens an ‘incognito’ window – This mode helps you to visit sites which will not appear on browser history or search history.

2. Alt + Home opens your Chrome home page, Which contains the thumbnails of your most visited sites shown in the active tabbed window. Continue reading Google chrome tips tricks and keyboard shortcuts

Google unveils Chrome browser Download Fastest and most Innovative browser on earth

Download google chrome here

Sometime we never really care about basic things and keep making stuff complex, This is what was happening with the browser market, No doubt there are many architectural issues that were present in browsers and desktop was slowly getting outdated according to web. Continue reading Google unveils Chrome browser Download Fastest and most Innovative browser on earth