Codeigniter Linkedin library

Linkedin is a much ignored API with a lot of potential. I was always looking for a good implementation of Codeigniter Linkedin library but never found one, with the help of Linkedin PHP library (Please someone point out to correct source). I have created a basic implementation of Linkedin library on Linkedin, documentation and more functions are in roadmap. Do check out at .

3 thoughts on “Codeigniter Linkedin library”

  1. there is something missing in the function index() in linklogin.php file. Also I would like to know that how are you getting the $id variable ? thank you.

    1. Ian,I think you may need to take another look at the API URLs. Where you\’re using %d, empty pmeaaetrrs (NULLs) are being cast into integers (0). So I end up with a call like:The zeroes cause Instagram to return no data, just a 200 success code. Swapping to %s throughout gives correct results personally, I\’d switch to strings, since it\’s a URL we\’re sending ultimately. Relying on implicit casting can cause unexpected results (as above). Not sure if this behaviour (casting NULL to 0) is a change in PHP, by the way. I\’m on 5.3.Regards,Rob

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