Typing Hindi through SCIM

SCIM is the name of the program that will allow you to input Hindi in Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake.

1. Open system System>Administration>Language Support

2. and check Hindi to install required locale files

3. then log out (System>Quit>Log Out), and login again.

Note : You should already be able to use SCIM Hindi input in a few applications, like gedit (Application>Accessories>Text Editor), by right clicking on the document, then selecting Input Methods>SCIM Input Method. However, it won’t work in the others, like Open Office.

However you can setup SCIM to work with Other Applications with given method

The recommended method to set up SCIM input is to create 75scim file under /etc/X11/Xsession.d/ with following lines (if you have 90im-switch, better to remove it for this setup)

export XMODIFIERS=”@im=SCIM”
export XIM_PROGRAM=”/usr/bin/scim -d”
export GTK_IM_MODULE=scim
export QT_IM_MODULE=scim

* After your setup, restart at least your X session. (ctrl-alt-backspace!)

Note :- you need to install scim-qtimm and skim to get it working on Kde

sudo apt-get install scim-qtimm skim

Notice: All the work is under GFDL licence and copyright of Gaurav Mishra

Why Vista Sucks

Vista which was suppose to be more secure, more reliable, easy to use, (showered with all the nice marketing terminologies) is already showing its true colors.

It has a serious security flow that allows any application to play with the core kernel, this is potentially dangerous as someone can use this to write a virus, put a trojan, infect your pc with a spyware and create all kinds of havoc. Read more.

The blog world is filled with how insecure Vista is. Some more interesting reading. BBC says:

Microsoft has admitted that speech recognition features in Vista could be hijacked so that a PC tells itself to delete files or folders.

Forbes.com screams: More than five years in the making, more than 50 million lines of code …. Vista is at best mildly annoying and at worst makes you want to rush to Redmond, Wash. and rip somebody’s liver out.

Please don’t do anything like ripping anyones liver. Just rip out Vista and put Linux 🙂

RSS reader@PHP

My one of the friends wanted me to Implement a Web based (non- database driven ) RS feeder , Ultimately the Php rss parser magpie came to my mind. I have heard about it but never got chance to get my hands dirty on it.
So here i was downloading and Configuring Magpie on my site , This Turned out to be pretty simple and nice tool. Just including the rss_fetch.inc adn using function fetch_rss($url), And bino here your Rss reader ready , Lame isn`t it.
fiddled for some time to dispaly multiple feeds , But it ends up more lame , I was implementing the logic in the same Loop , Just break the loop into two and remove the require_once directive and replace it with include and bingo the feed reaeder is ready.

Here are the two fav feeds i checked http://planet-india.randomink.org/rss20.xml

Thus at the end here is a simple and a dirty web based reeder , Yawn it was fun 🙂

PIcasa On Linux –Finally

Now that`s called News, Picasa is launched by Google under it`s Google Labs .Visit the google blog for more information.

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This has been a long awaited Product among Users, mostly Because Picasa is the amazingly fast and useful for Picture Collection. Visit Features Page for more Information . You can easily Blog Photos and Send them Through Emails Using Picasa.

Installation on my Ubuntu Desktop was a Breeze ,

Just download the Picasa package for your target machine .(In My case Ubuntu).Then Issue Command

#sudo dpkg -i picasa_2.2.2820-5_i386.deb

(he he see it`s Rocket Science)

And Eureka Here`s Best Photo Management Software is on my linux Box

Use it people You will love it

Linspire is Rolling Out it`s Free Version

Remember the Linux named Lindows that`s been in news back for a while for both good and bad reason, It was have this Name Controvery with “windows” which atlast falled in Microsft Lap.

They declared it`s not Linux but Linux and Windows Hybrid (which they meant by Ease of Use), Their Modified apt-get (CNR — CLick and Run) is really fast and stable one, They have a cool set of packages at their Repositry and most of the Configuration is done automatically.
visit Freespire site for more information.

The good thing is that now they are going both ways the Free way( free as in freedom) and the Hybrid Model which contains some Properiatery Binary drivers along with all Multimedia Capabilities.

see CNR screenshots

Their key application CNR is also going open source , this means we can soon see ubuntu or any other apt-get system a more robust package management frontend

In the past Linspire has been proved good for newbies let`s see what they have in store for us now.

Elx experience

After a breeze installation through, I was really exited to explore ELX, as I was used to GNOME that’s why I started, But as I thought I didn’t show up and I brought back to the login screen .So I logged on KDE, The desktop was different than the one Redhat. But got some cool features, It was quite resemble to the windows style, The Show desktop button on the panel can come really handy to newbies, It boast of the My favorites Launch Pad, Which I give a thought to try, But not got so impressed it is for Dumb people who doesn’t know that u have to click xmms button to start a player to listen songs. I missed the default 4 desktop in Redhat; The Icon rendering was not smooth as in Fedora or else.

Now to see the Menu represented by a big E sign, which shows ELX Linux sign. My first Choice Audio and Video section has mplayer, realplayer and VlC to feast upon, Which is really good and that too when alsa is reconfigured, really the multimedia section In Elx is good, I soon installed the xmms-alsa Plugin and start enjoying my huge collection of MP3. Now to try mplayer, which has been my favorite since many years, made a playlist in the mplayer and start the Music, hey who says Linux is tough.

Now to the Office section and always for the rescue Open Office, Which is not needed to explain how good it is. Apart from that u have Kedit, Kate as text editors, which boast some good stuff.

Now I fired my favorite part of Linux the console, fired the mplayer by using gmplayer command but it hanged, I didn’t got the idea why, anyway I thought of killing it and fired my fav tool xkill, but to my surprise it was not included in elx, which is according to me most powerful tool, Ok I got the process listed and killed the gmplayer.

After this much hangout, I thought to close the Box, I made my mind for this distro as it was an MADE IN INDIA product, But I not got anything INDIAN in that, Is My Favorites and Show Desktop is Indian, Surely Not. An inclusion of IndLInux or some Indian softwares will be a good treat, But till when the distro try to be window like it could not compete the big boys, Like redhat. Because in Indian desktop market the money is not a matter, as windows is also free for us isn’t it.

Elx install

Yesterday i find my disk space full after seeing the message no space for making temp files.

So i thought it is a time to backup important data and reformat the drive with a new installation. This time i thought why not something other than old warhorse redhat, may be another flavor based on that, i have tried pcqlinux2004 and really a big fan of that, but i want something new.

So i go for the ELX Biz Desk(Everyone Linux), The best thing about it was the Made In India Tag. It is a Linux Distro that is quite old and running in India from a long time.

Let`s get back to main point, about the distro.I got my hands on only one CD as i can`t download the other CD`s.Check out for more.The booting was normally easy as seen in redhat, Elx is using elxinstaller instead of Anaconda, which seems to be a modified version of Anaconda.My monitor is not probed here also, but anyway it wasn`t detected in any distro.

After configuring keyboard, mouse,video card and Monitor and the installation type which have only two option as Default and Custom, i Choosed custom which gives me more control on my installation.Well Default also offers all basic packages to be installed.

After that i got the most daunting task for any newbie, disk partition. Here i can`t see the old disk druid option with the automatic partition , But a new partition manager option , i give a thought to give it a try.

Whoa the interface is same as the Disk Druid but got a new robust option of Resize making partition from the existing dos partition, This is really a good tool for any Newbie.

Well i just selected my old ext3 partition to be formatted and install Elx there.

Now comes the package selection apart from boot menu,Firewall,timezone which are same as redhat.In Package selection it was Showing Kde ,Gnome Both With the core X files.But since the gnome files were very less, i am sure it is not going to work, but since i have a large disk space , i installed both.

In kde option it included mplayer,realplayer and all the basic applications,The main thing is that u get webmin,mplayer,Acroread and alsa pre instelled which is not included in redhat and are very essential.

We have the cool xmms application here also, with a ogle DVD player which is unable to play DVD`s, But i recommend to go for mplayer , mplayer can play more than 90% of all codecs, some of which even Windows Media Player can`t Play.

Installation was smooth and rather easy, and i really didn`t have any Hiccups, Well as far as Running this OS goes , i have written all the stuff before running this OS, But I believe this Indian Stuff will be Great to relish, Let`s Proudly Say “I LOVE MY INDIA”.