Open Dada PHP Class – Ringtone Affiliate API

Recently i needed to make a ringtone download website for a friend and we researched on web for a good affiliate with a decent API to make things easier for content download and integration on website.

We ended choosing which is a affiliate website for , is a premier provider for providing ringtones and other mobile content.

The API documentation for OpenDada can be found at API docs page .

There are four methods that are defined in the class, Namely they are:-

search_ringtone(“ARTIST NAME”);


display_single_ringtone(“ARTIST NAME”, “SONG TITLE”);


All methods are explained in the example.php file and can be found here.

Todo List:-

1) Add functionality to get more than 10 ringtones.
2) Put the

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class in
3) Add option of inserting partner id

Will update the class with more functionality sooner.

6 thoughts on “Open Dada PHP Class – Ringtone Affiliate API”

  1. Hi,
    I am enjoing your simple tutorials, any chance soon of posting a php download tutorial that can download a few files ie zip, mp3, pdf? Or please email me one if you have so I can dissect it and improve my PHP learning thanks

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