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Elx install

Yesterday i find my disk space full after seeing the message no space for making temp files.

So i thought it is a time to backup important data and reformat the drive with a new installation. This time i thought why not something other than old warhorse redhat, may be another flavor based on that, i have tried pcqlinux2004 and really a big fan of that, but i want something new.

So i go for the ELX Biz Desk(Everyone Linux), The best thing about it was the Made In India Tag. It is a Linux Distro that is quite old and running in India from a long time.

Let`s get back to main point, about the distro.I got my hands on only one CD as i can`t download the other CD`s.Check out for more.The booting was normally easy as seen in redhat, Elx is using elxinstaller instead of Anaconda, which seems to be a modified version of Anaconda.My monitor is not probed here also, but anyway it wasn`t detected in any distro.

After configuring keyboard, mouse,video card and Monitor and the installation type which have only two option as Default and Custom, i Choosed custom which gives me more control on my installation.Well Default also offers all basic packages to be installed.

After that i got the most daunting task for any newbie, disk partition. Here i can`t see the old disk druid option with the automatic partition , But a new partition manager option , i give a thought to give it a try.

Whoa the interface is same as the Disk Druid but got a new robust option of Resize making partition from the existing dos partition, This is really a good tool for any Newbie.

Well i just selected my old ext3 partition to be formatted and install Elx there.

Now comes the package selection apart from boot menu,Firewall,timezone which are same as redhat.In Package selection it was Showing Kde ,Gnome Both With the core X files.But since the gnome files were very less, i am sure it is not going to work, but since i have a large disk space , i installed both.

In kde option it included mplayer,realplayer and all the basic applications,The main thing is that u get webmin,mplayer,Acroread and alsa pre instelled which is not included in redhat and are very essential.

We have the cool xmms application here also, with a ogle DVD player which is unable to play DVD`s, But i recommend to go for mplayer , mplayer can play more than 90% of all codecs, some of which even Windows Media Player can`t Play.

Installation was smooth and rather easy, and i really didn`t have any Hiccups, Well as far as Running this OS goes , i have written all the stuff before running this OS, But I believe this Indian Stuff will be Great to relish, Let`s Proudly Say “I LOVE MY INDIA”.