Phpcollection is a aggregation of my experiences with daily routine coding !, It showcase the most nitty tools needed by a php developer during their development regime.

PhpCollection is supposed to contain solutions to complex problems and short and necessary tips that most web tutorials tend to forget.

Hope it helps every pro-developer and budding developers out there. Feel free to trouble me with questions or queries anytime.

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  1. i am having the same issue with my rss feed using the DIGG DIGG plugin.. I see your rss looks fine now.. what did you do to fix the problem..


  2. I have altered the template to include the shareaholic links, This is the code that helped me to insert the share boxes without modifying rss

    <iframe src='http://digg.com/api/diggthis.php?w=new&u=&t=&s=normal‘ height=’80’ width=’52’ frameborder=’0′ scrolling=’no’> <iframe src='http://www.reddit.com/button_content?newwindow=1&url=&title=&t=2 ‘ height=’80’ width=’52’ scrolling=’no’ frameborder=’0′ > <iframe src='http://widgets.dzone.com/links/widgets/zoneit.html?url=&title=&t=1 ‘ height=’80’ width=’52’ scrolling=’no’ frameborder=’0′ > tweetmeme_url=”; tweetmeme_style = ‘normal’;tweetmeme_source = ‘phpcollection.com’;

    Just insert this code anywhere you want the widget box to appear !

    Hope it helps

  3. Hi Den,

    Thanks for your code. Here is something I am trying to achieve please advise if it is possible:

    I am trying to do a google textsearch using postcode. for example ‘restaurant near nw3(london post code)’and it should display all the near by restaurant name and other details which my code is doing already, but my question is, can I save all those return results (restaurant name and other details) into a php memcache or php cache. so that next time any user search with the same post code details result should retrieve from the cache not from hiting the google api as it cost a lost.

    Looking forward to your help

    Kind regads,

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