Open Dada PHP Class – Ringtone Affiliate API

Recently i needed to make a ringtone download website for a friend and we researched on web for a good affiliate with a decent API to make things easier for content download and integration on website.

We ended choosing which is a affiliate website for , is a premier provider for providing ringtones and other mobile content.

The API documentation for OpenDada can be found at API docs page .

There are four methods that are defined in the class, Namely they are:-

search_ringtone(“ARTIST NAME”);


display_single_ringtone(“ARTIST NAME”, “SONG TITLE”);


All methods are explained in the example.php file and can be found here.

Todo List:-

1) Add functionality to get more than 10 ringtones.
2) Put the

It’s Skin. Need class in
3) Add option of inserting partner id

Will update the class with more functionality sooner.

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  1. Hi,
    I am enjoing your simple tutorials, any chance soon of posting a php download tutorial that can download a few files ie zip, mp3, pdf? Or please email me one if you have so I can dissect it and improve my PHP learning thanks

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