Database basics:- Creating mysql database and tables with PhpMyadmin

Phpmyadmin is the most common and widely used tool for creating and manipulating mysql database .

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Bundled in default configuration of WAMP, XAMPP and LAMP this tool is now the defacto standard interface for most of the Php developers around the globe.

For using the PhpMyadmin tool first of all find the phpmyadmin web interface url !, if you are on local computer and installed WAMP or XAMPP , Most likely url will be http://localhost/phpmyadmin . Once you access the page, The page will look something like this

Enter the database name that we want to create in the Create new Database option and click create !, this will create the new database.

After creating the new database click on the database name which must have appeared in the list on right hand side. From here you will be able to create mysql tables via phpmyadmin

Enter table name in the box create table , Number of fields in the adjacent box and click button Go.This will bring you to a page where you can create the fields of the table !,

First of all we will need to define a field with the primary key !, Usually this is defined by a automatic increment field. For this example , let’s take a field value name id and enter these options.

Field:- id , Type:- int , Length/Values:-  100, Extra:- Auto increment and below this image b_primary enable the radio button (This will make this field the primary key of the table).

Enter different other field as desired !, For any alphanumeric values select the field type as varchar and for any integer value int !

After inserting all the values press the button Save and all required fields will be created in the database !…

Hope this tutorial must have helped you !, We will love to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts , comments and suggestions below.

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