BigDump — Mysql importer–Ideal for big wordpress blogs

As a wordpress consultant we come across many issues that require us to import or export large mysql database sets. And usually the clients don’t have ssh access.

Phpmyadmin is a great tool , But is a big fail when it comes to handle huge amount of mysql data. Usually ssh or some exporting tool is used for it.

I came across a very impressive and blazingly fast mysql database import tool called Big Dump, It uploaded my 40 MB database set in less than 34 secs, which is pretty fast IMO. The same mysql dump was dieing when trying to import from phpmyadmin.

The setup and import function of bigdump is quite straight forward and just need few steps

1:- Just download bigdump zip file from this link and unzip it on your desktop.

2:- Open the file bigdump.php in any desired code editor and update the database configuration settings .

3:- After that upload the bigdump.php onto the server in a separate folder.(make sure you can acess this folder from your web broswer)

4:- Upload the desired sql file also in the same folder.

5:-  Run the bigdump script on browser (for example at ),  It will scan all sql files in the current directory and will give you the list of ones which can be imported.

6:- Click on Start import for starting the import of sql file and within seconds your database will be filled with the complete sql dataset.

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