Tips and tricks of Google Chrome browser

It`s been nearly 10-12 hours that i have been using Google chrome browser and i surely going to make this my default browser for sure.

There are some tips and tricks which every power user should understand about google chrome:-

1. Incognito mode

On clicking the control icon in the upper right corner of the browser there comes options of opening a new tab, a new window, or a new incognito window. Incognito window opens up and let you browse without leaving tracemarks in your browser history or appearing search history, Also it will  not leave cookies or any other traces of your activity, However files you’ve downloaded or bookmarks will be untouched.

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2. Chrome Task manager

Chrome task manager is a small cousin of windows task manager, It displays the process (aka websites ) seperately along with the information which website is taking how much memory and using how much cpu cycles is used by which website. Now this comes out to be a very handy tool as some websites tend to accumulate a lot of memory due to bad backend programming over time, Finally we can close the particular website without crashing the browser. In short this means we can run our browser for eternity without crashing.

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3. Import your firefox bookmark and browser history

It`s a piece of cakewalk importing your browser history and bookmarks in chrome browser. See below screenshot for detail.

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Let me know if someone find more trick and tips for the browser

14 thoughts on “Tips and tricks of Google Chrome browser”

  1. When trying to play games game pages will not load because Java platform is not recognized. Anyone know how to get around this???

  2. IE is going to offer users a chance to set IE to “private”, which will block Google’s Adwords advertising then Google Chrome born. Google Chrome is clean and fast. But I love Firefox.

  3. @lino cardoso – if you can’t handle keyboard shortcuts then simply right click on page and choose from options. Good thing about chrome is that Right click menu works in it.

    @Carol – Google have a solution for your problem. Please visit this page.

    @ThaiSEO – Like your said google chrome is just born. its a baby. At first I think only people who are going to download this thing is firefox users because they are early adopters. IE have 75% of market share so it will take a heck a lot of time to beat MS. Even a product like firefox struggles which is at 18-22% market share.

    @G. Mishra – This is my first time at your blog. I know how excited we can be when google releases something cool because we know it is going to be big like gmail.
    Anyways I recorded audio of press release which google did on sept/2/2008 @11am pacific time.

    FYI: visit google chrome support page for any known issues or solutions.

  4. @Shahrukh

    Thanks for visiting my sites and helping out users, I appreciate it.

    Agree on the point of IE market share , It`s hard to beat as IE is a default browser on millions of pc which was default, I have seen people who just terrify on seeing something other than IE.

    So yes , no doubt IE is still market leader, But Chrome is something which all power users love to have, There are fat chances that chrome slowly becomes a market leader in browser market, may be something 3-4 years down the line

  5. I agree , Chrome will not be able to lead the browser market as IE holds strong , but it’s simplicity and speed will gain it enough popularity among techie’s and above average Internet users ,

    I wrote a exhaustive post about all features , Have you seen the “inspect Element” feature and “about:stats” one it’s all here

    Unique Features of Chrome

    A must read for those who have just started using chrome and those who think of switching from Firefox or Opera to Chrome .

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