Which is best web hosting for you ?

Most of my readers know that i started my career as a web hosting guy, Selling hosting and domain names. Hosting and domain flipping still remains my favorite past time, And i research a lot, Lately i was not able to answer all my friend queries for hosting queries so trying to sum up , What i think is best and have used personally or used for some of clients some or other time.

Small usage :-

Usually we don`t get good enough hosting companies when we need small hosting space and quick support.

This is the space that i started to fill once i started my career as a hosting provider, We all don`t need 100 or 1000 GB space, Most of the time we need few 100 mb space.

For this my all time recommendation is www.hostcurry.com , For some obvious reasons.

1. I owned the servers , so you can bug me anytime on any problem.

2. We are not oversized as we are very limited to people whom we give hosting.

Medium usage:-

This usage comes under once you need few Gb`s and a shared hosting plan , i.e your usage doesn`t cross 50 thousand users per day. Go for hostgator

Large Usage:-

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7 thoughts on “Which is best web hosting for you ?”

  1. It is always wise to choose a reputed host with a global presence,like GoDaddy 🙂

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    CDE3 – .COM for $7.45 – Save $2
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  2. Y! small business hosting may be a little overpriced in the segment.

    However, The major concern is the support . have heard some of horror stories over yahoo support

  3. Y! hosting is a horror trail. One of my very good friend uses is and his hair are always standing at their tips. Pathetic control panel – still using prehistoric stuff…

    I had really expected more out of Yahoo!

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