Now make money from search and reading mail ! Wokow

The trend is moving fast , the free paragidm of web is now changing to pay structure, obivously the advertisement pie of internet business is so large that now companies are paying for searching and reading mail.

Such two services that i have recently joined for fun , And according me this extra money is not bad, As it don`t waste my time in any way. Continue reading Now make money from search and reading mail ! Wokow

Finding tag through regex

I am saving this for my reference , A post with all commonly used regex, The regex like saving image tags, html links , email validation etc . are one of the most common used regex !

1)   Finding <img> tag through php using regex.

$pattern = ‘/<img[^>]+src[\s='”]’;
$pattern .= ‘+([^”‘>\s]+)/is’;

echo $match[0];

2) Find all links in a html page

$input = file(“page.html”);

$regexp = “<as[^>]*href=(“??)([^” >]*?)\1[^>]*>(.*)</a>”;

if(preg_match_all(“/$regexp/siU”, $response, $matches))

Which is best web hosting for you ?

Most of my readers know that i started my career as a web hosting guy, Selling hosting and domain names. Hosting and domain flipping still remains my favorite past time, And i research a lot, Lately i was not able to answer all my friend queries for hosting queries so trying to sum up , What i think is best and have used personally or used for some of clients some or other time. Continue reading Which is best web hosting for you ?