Merging multiple feeds into a single feed using yahoo pipes

I usually read a lot of marketing blogs and use primarily a rss feeder to go through all blogs.

Lately i felt a need of merging these feeds into one so that i can use them easily while reading or display visually n some applications.

Searched on Google and Pat came reply, Yahoo Pipes.

Here is the method to follow:-

You can do the same via yahoo pipes also
1)Login to using your yahoo id
2)Click on Create a Pipe
3)Click and drag on module Fetch feed from the left pane
3)Add all the Feed urls you want in the fetch feed module box..
4)To add more feed urls you can use the + in that box.
5)Choose Sort module from Operators on Right hand side and Sort feeds on basis of Publication date
5)When you have finished adding all the feeds you want just click and drag your mouse from the small circle at the bottom of the Fetch feed box to the small circle at the top of the Sort Box. From Sort module take the Pipe from Sort module to Pipe Output.
6)Now choose save from the right top corner and save it under the feed name you want..
7)Now choose Run Pipe
8)From the More Options choose Get as Rss and copy the link of the new rss feed..
9)Now burn this Feed using Feed Burner.

And you are done 🙂

Update: You can get the youtube video tutorial here