RSS reader@PHP

My one of the friends wanted me to Implement a Web based (non- database driven ) RS feeder , Ultimately the Php rss parser magpie came to my mind. I have heard about it but never got chance to get my hands dirty on it.
So here i was downloading and Configuring Magpie on my site , This Turned out to be pretty simple and nice tool. Just including the adn using function fetch_rss($url), And bino here your Rss reader ready , Lame isn`t it.
fiddled for some time to dispaly multiple feeds , But it ends up more lame , I was implementing the logic in the same Loop , Just break the loop into two and remove the require_once directive and replace it with include and bingo the feed reaeder is ready.

Here are the two fav feeds i checked

Thus at the end here is a simple and a dirty web based reeder , Yawn it was fun 🙂

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