Linspire is Rolling Out it`s Free Version

Remember the Linux named Lindows that`s been in news back for a while for both good and bad reason, It was have this Name Controvery with “windows” which atlast falled in Microsft Lap.

They declared it`s not Linux but Linux and Windows Hybrid (which they meant by Ease of Use), Their Modified apt-get (CNR — CLick and Run) is really fast and stable one, They have a cool set of packages at their Repositry and most of the Configuration is done automatically.
visit Freespire site for more information.

The good thing is that now they are going both ways the Free way( free as in freedom) and the Hybrid Model which contains some Properiatery Binary drivers along with all Multimedia Capabilities.

see CNR screenshots

Their key application CNR is also going open source , this means we can soon see ubuntu or any other apt-get system a more robust package management frontend

In the past Linspire has been proved good for newbies let`s see what they have in store for us now.

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