Elx experience

After a breeze installation through, I was really exited to explore ELX, as I was used to GNOME that’s why I started, But as I thought I didn’t show up and I brought back to the login screen .So I logged on KDE, The desktop was different than the one Redhat. But got some cool features, It was quite resemble to the windows style, The Show desktop button on the panel can come really handy to newbies, It boast of the My favorites Launch Pad, Which I give a thought to try, But not got so impressed it is for Dumb people who doesn’t know that u have to click xmms button to start a player to listen songs. I missed the default 4 desktop in Redhat; The Icon rendering was not smooth as in Fedora or else.

Now to see the Menu represented by a big E sign, which shows ELX Linux sign. My first Choice Audio and Video section has mplayer, realplayer and VlC to feast upon, Which is really good and that too when alsa is reconfigured, really the multimedia section In Elx is good, I soon installed the xmms-alsa Plugin and start enjoying my huge collection of MP3. Now to try mplayer, which has been my favorite since many years, made a playlist in the mplayer and start the Music, hey who says Linux is tough.

Now to the Office section and always for the rescue Open Office, Which is not needed to explain how good it is. Apart from that u have Kedit, Kate as text editors, which boast some good stuff.

Now I fired my favorite part of Linux the console, fired the mplayer by using gmplayer command but it hanged, I didn’t got the idea why, anyway I thought of killing it and fired my fav tool xkill, but to my surprise it was not included in elx, which is according to me most powerful tool, Ok I got the process listed and killed the gmplayer.

After this much hangout, I thought to close the Box, I made my mind for this distro as it was an MADE IN INDIA product, But I not got anything INDIAN in that, Is My Favorites and Show Desktop is Indian, Surely Not. An inclusion of IndLInux or some Indian softwares will be a good treat, But till when the distro try to be window like it could not compete the big boys, Like redhat. Because in Indian desktop market the money is not a matter, as windows is also free for us isn’t it.

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