Basic jquery for php developers

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Top 3 php class for web forms

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Paypal alternative in India: Oxigen wallet

Oxigen Wallet

Every freelancer in the world live with a Paypal account. For them it’s a mean to pay their bills.

Still 4.4% deduction charge was never a great experience. Especially when I am doing Indian transactions. This is hard earned money and it’s difficult to come by.

I see Oxigen Wallet as a game changer for freelancer/SME’s in Indian payment services. With an easy payment method, where every mobile number becomes a merchant account.

The service works pretty simple. Anyone can register themselves using their mobile number, after a simple verification SMS you’re ready to send/receive money along with using OxigenWallet as an alternate payment mechanism.

Paypal alternative in India

Let’s assume you’ve just completed a nice logo design or Web app for which you need to receive payments. Just ask your client to send money on your mobile number via They can use their Credit/Debit cards to send payments via OxigenWallet. As soon as you get the money on your mobile number, you can transfer money instantly (via IMPS) in your bank account. All in the matter of minutes.

And it’s getting supported by BookMyShow and other service providers soon. No more multiple step-transactions to book that movie, or pay that bill.

Go install it via Android Play Store. As @NikhilChawla mentioned Oxigen team is looking for feedback and perfect the service for consumers.

Filters in Yii

Yii FiltersFilter is a piece of code that is configured to be executed before and/or after a controller action executes. For example, an access control filter may be executed to ensure that the user is authenticated before executing the requested action; a performance filter

may be used to measure the time spent executing the action.
An action can have multiple filters. The filters are executed in the order that they appear in the filter list. A filter can prevent the execution of the action and the rest of the unexecuted filters.
There are two types of filter

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How to read files in PHP

There are many options are available when it comes to file processing with PHP. Each option has its own importance. We will discuss some of the functions related to file processing, such as fopen, fclose, feof, file, file_get_contents etc. We will also discuss, when we should use which function, because it always depends on the goal of parsing the file.

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Codeigniter Linkedin library

Linkedin is a much ignored API with a lot of potential. I was always looking for a good implementation of Codeigniter Linkedin library but never found one, with the help of Linkedin PHP library (Please someone point out to correct source). I have created a basic implementation of Linkedin

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library on Linkedin, documentation and more functions are in roadmap. Do check out at .

Pinterest API

Everyone’s waiting to see a launch of Pinterest API. Pinterest had a working API which they took down for some unclaimed reasons. Some users have managed to take a cached version of Pinterest API docs online and can be found at .

You are not able to use the oAuth calls from these API docs, but you can successfully read data via these API docs, even for that you need to send correct headers to emulate calls such that they are coming from Pinterest iPhone app.

Correct headers are:-

User-Agent: Pinterest For iPhone / 1.4.3
Accept-Encoding: gzip
Connection: keep-alive

There are news going around that Pinterest is scared of having a problem like twitter, where spammers used API very intelligently to bombard twitter with a lot of crap data. Twitter still having a hard time to

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tackle these spam accounts big time . We hope that these fears don’t put Pinterest people off track of developing a full fledged API.

Want more of updated development. Join Pinterest unofficial API developer Group here on facebook

One implementation of Pinterest API at Github. Still to test it though by me.


How to make svn ignore file and folders on update and commit

When we work on Production and Development environment separately on subversion, many times we need to keep a file outside of the SVN versioning. Usually conf files come under this category.

A simple method

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of this is to navigate to the repositry and simply issue command so that svn ignore file in that folder.


<br /> svn propset svn:ignore -F filename .<br /> 

Don’t forget to include the last “.” it tells the svn client to set this property in the current folder you are working on.

For exluding multiple files of the same